The following code creates a form. In this form one of the field is for date and the code in process.php file checks whether entered date is valid or not. But it(process.php) is not giving any output.
HTML Code:
<form action="process.php" method="post">
Name:<input type="text" name="name"size="20" ><br><br>

Father's Name:<input type="text" name="fname" size="20"><br><br>

Address:<textarea name="address" rows="5" cols="40"></textarea><br><br>
Date of Birth(MM/DD/YYYY):<input type="text" name="dob"size="10"maxlength="10"><br><br>
Course:<select name="Course">
Branch:<select name="Branch">
Batch:<input type="text" name="batch" size="9" maxlength="9"><br><br>
Roll No.<input type="text" name="rno" size="3" maxlenght="3"><br><br>
Univ. Reg. No.<input type="text" name="reg" size="11" maxlength="11"><br><br>
<input type="radio" name="gender"value="Male">Male
<input type="radio" name="gender"value="Male">Female<br><br>
<input type="submit"value="Submit">
<input type="reset">
Code of process.php is
PHP Code:
'Valid Date';
'Invalid Date';

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