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Originally Posted by naimish View Post
I prefered Hacking's defination as said by Ankit Fadia
and what is that naimish?
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"...by using their knowledge in a constructive manner they help organizations to secure
documents and company secrets, help the government to protect national documents of
strategic importance..." - Ankit Fadia

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Thanks naimish
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Nice one, I agree with Ankit Fadia about the definaiton he has gave for Hackers.
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No offense but hes a gay
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Ankit Fada Is a very smart person Hacking comes from millions of terms buts it the mere fact of how you goa bout it

For example let's pick out some ppl in this forum

1. indiansword why him? he found a xss in google
2.spoowndizard ive known him since 2007 until my account got banned a.k.a XXxximmortalxxXX

No lets compare them indiansword goes and finds web based application to exploits it spoonwizard as stated gains access to cpu systems

Now they both have knowledge of what to do but its what they do with it. If they want to be a gay Black-Hat and destroy the shit like a bunch of faggits well to me there called hacker faggits.

Or a grey-hat maybe they have some meaning to do it perhaps try to gain information against the user in secret and try not to alert them about there cpu being watched over i call that james bond lol

or they can be a white-hat and tell the person/ people's about whats going on

Millions of people all across the world take hacking into different perspectives its what you do with it.

After 4 years of my life i realized simple web hacking is bullshit it is by far the worst and most ignorant thing ever thought of. My new journey relies on Reverse Coding where we edit .exe and set breakpoints and trace through code on ollydbg or wargames or server security/hacking

Just by a guess about 64% of all the malicious users on the internet are script kiddies or faggit hackers.

Just here is a lesson if you want to actually learn something do it by computer hacking or some sort not web based now you can still hack into a system through web hacking but its how you do it
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In most cases, people regard "hacking" as bad action. Really, the hacker is able to encroach others without the promise. But anything has two sides, sometimes, we need to hack ourselves' computer if we have forgotten the login passwords