Hmm.. I learnt php mainly from a book called PHP5 and MySQL Bible 2nd edition.. But I didnt read it all the way. Allso I read and still do, on the internet on sites that I cannot remember. Anyway you could simply type in "learn php" or "tutorial php" in google. And Iam shure you will find the info needed..

The reason why I dont go completly open source at is that I will probebly have to realese it under gnu?
and that would be soo gay.. soo ******* gay.. I cant imagine anything worse.. haha just joking..
But my site dont have any qualities to be an open source projekt. My site does what? display some info has a built in phpbb forum? and has a news part with a admin panel. I dont belive any good coder there would join a projekt like that. The projekts goal would mainly be to improve the design? haha

I was mainly thinking the fun of working togheter with someone, coding all by yourself can get a bit boring sometimes. =) Also you can critizize the code/design and get usefull ideas from each other. I think worikng in a team would make the site evolve much quicker :P