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I think VB would probably do the trick. Read the page into an array just using the HTTP functions, parse the array looking for the data you want, check for differences between those results and the results from the previous parse, then if there are changes open the popup and play the sound. Sleep for a while (the refresh time) and repeat the operation. Does it need to display the page as well? Is the client application a standalone executable or does it need to be a component of some larger system?
thanks a lot for your reply!

i just need to figure out how to read the page now. it's been long since i've done any programming and didn't deal much with the web.

now i've got an idea from you about the algorithm so that should make it easier.

no, it doesn't need to display the page itself. the client application will be a standalone executable as it's going to be just a handy tool to improve system monitoring.