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Thanks for tips and tricks.very useful tips for me. Thanks for this tips.
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Originally Posted by Dean-123 View Post
i can't agree more.actually today is client/customer oriented time,so a good website means service your customers in the best way.try to think what the customer is thinking
I agree with you said. Even I believe that a company should make analysis of what customers like or not and should proceed accordingly.
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A web site display depends on several factors such as type of browser, the client platform, screen resolution etc. and you seldom have control over these variables.
The medium of the Internet
is very different from the printed page or the television. It is highly interactive and dynamic and brings together several multimedia features such as pictures, sound, video and animation.
Navigation on a web site plays a very important role in making the site user friendly. As a thumb rule, a web site should follow the "three click" model. This means that a visitor should be able to access any page on the site using three or lesser mouse clicks.
There are lots of tips:
* Creating seamless backgrounds
* Beautiful seamless web page backgrounds
* Pros and cons of removing underlines from links on a web page
* Confusion caused underlined text on a web page
* Good Site Navigation part 1
* Web page titles - The HTML TITLE tag
* Choosing background and foreground colors
* A theme for your site
* Good Site Navigation part 2
* Text and background colors
* Headings and Fonts
* Good Site Navigation part 3
* Creating a Site Map for your web site
* Important points for a good site map
* Site maps and other nice ways to help visitors quickly locate information on your site
* Scripts to create Site maps for your web site
* Different types of web site navigation
* Web site navigation - importance and tips
* Web site search feature and other navigation techniques
* Image maps - advantages and disadvantages
* Other file formats on the web
* Large files on web pages - helping visitors
* Linking on the same web page
* Prevent caching of web pages by browsers
* Flash intro usage on web sites - Advantages and disadvantages
* Important points to remember when creating Flash intros
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When in the thoughts of producing a website, think hard on the some important key points you must deploy. To give you a few hints and tip I have set out below some useful sources of information that can help you to develop a good looking and profitable website.
1. Time is money, save both by managing and processing work carefully and logically.
2. Convenient and simple menu guides your users.
3. What is the most eye-catching place on a web page?
4. Other psychological studies say that web information is in fact scanned in an "F" way. What does this mean?
5. Another interesting fact is that of advertising.

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Great tips!Thanks for sharing tips & techinques,this information is going to help alot to me.
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It thick the loading time from that point of view is less important. Of course .... I don't recommend to write code with feets, but today the Internet has significantly increased speed and a decent coded layout, it will load without problems.
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"The design you choose should be optimized for the web, and should generally take no more than 15 seconds to load." - i'd say mostly 10 sec
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Very useful information here, thanks for posting it.

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Really good set of tips and tricks, keep them coming!!..