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Artisteer is becoming a very powerful piece of software. I use it to lay the framework of my design, whether it's a siple HTML page, or a Joomla!, DotNetNuke, or Wordpress template. After I have a good feel for what i want in Artisteer I then bring it into Expression Web or Dreamweaver (those are my two favorites) and I make the necessary changes. You guys should check it out. The new Artisteer 3 is now a full WYSIWYG HTML editor. And they have an excellent support team.
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i will prefer dreamweaver. But frontpage is also good.
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yeah by far Dreamweaver is the best on the market; and this is for some years now!
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when it comes to websites i have always been using a combination between different adobe products. the most common ones are Photoshop and Dreamweaver-on this i like the code format
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Dream viewer and adobe Photoshop are the best when considering web design.
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Adobe Dreamweaver. This would help you to get fast and easy way to design the website. In Dreamweaver there is excellent support for the PHP and MySQL, I m working with this software and its really very nice.
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Dreamweaver software.
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Deramweaver is best for web design
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i think zend studio .
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I think Dreamweaver is the most complety software for web design, but I like Artister to make templates, I think is very simple to create some templates.