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personally like dreamweaver but nthng useful there other than the little intellisens eprovided (really love that )
its design view ALMOST useless for a heavy coder
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I used both Dreamweaver and Frontpage, personally think Dreamweaver is more powerful.
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Originally Posted by musicworld1 View Post
Dreamweaver for me.
Somebody could blame me that i'm old fasion, but for me, Notepad++ it's the single tool that i'm using because i love to have full controll to my code
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Dreamweaver is best i think
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i think, now a day dreamviewer is very popoular web design software.
so dreamviewer software is the best software for web designing
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Hi ,
I think Dreamweaver and Freehand are best web site design software.
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As per my opinion dreamweaver is best software for web designing.. And Photoshop is also good software for designing layouts.
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Dreamweaver is a best for web design.
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My choice is dreamwaever and it works amazingly,Frontpage is good but just a little convential way of designning,DW is simply aweosme to use and interactive design.
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Dreamweaver and photoshop is a best software.