Hey everyone,

I used to throw down some HTML way back in the day, but got out of the game a long time ago and technology passed me by, so im hoping that I get some help here. this may be the wrong forum, feel free to redirect me!

I am working on a personal project where I am looking to make a series of fairly basic web tools. They will be text based, and just need to be able to retrieve and edit stored data.

Example: App 1 will have 3 fields :

Name: Matt
Info: Lives in a van
Location: Down by the river

App 2 will be also have fields, some of them overlapping with field(s) from App 1.

Example : App 2

People on team:
(retrieves all stores name info from app 1)

But basically the app will do things like that. Allow you to create content in one app, and certain aspects of that content can be retrieved and edited in other apps.

I honestly just dont know where to start, which programming language will be simplest and the most scalable (eventually this will be on a site for general public use)

Any advice would be greatly appreicated!!

- Jeremy