I read some more about STATIC_PROTO_INIT here:

When I checked my own project files for STATIC_PROTO_INIT I could find only one line:
/* Loads static protocol plugin module initialization functions. */
So did I include the right config.h....
When I checked the original package after STATIC_PROTO_INIT
I found the real definition in:
I was using the config.h.in before. Don't know why they change the name to .in. Crazy
So when I compiled the project I got exactly the same error. Weird. I then moved the definition:
#define STATIC_PROTO_INIT static void static_proto_init(void) {  }
directly to core.c and I could actually compile a bit longer until I hit this error:
error C2065: 'VERSION' : undeclared identifier
I could find a define of VERSION in guess!! config.h.... It is like visual studio still thinks that the old config.h is there. I have deleted config.h. I even removed config.h from the project and reincluded it again just in case there where some caching system.
What can I do? Please help.