This is my first post.
I'm trying to compile libpurple. There is a tutorial on how to install it with mingw and using cygwin.

libpurple is included in pidgin chatt application.
I don't want to use mingw but visual studio. I want to try to build this manually just to learn.
I would like your help and advice on how to configure and get all nessesary component in order to make it compile.
I get this error:
c:\project\libpurple\libc_internal.h(38) : error C2143: syntax error : missing ')' before '*'
c:\project\libpurple\libc_internal.h(38) : error C2081: 'socklen_t' : name in formal parameter list illegal
Search on google gives:
Install Microsoft SDK
Suggested link not found on Microsoft but redirects to some 1.5 gig installation with server 2008, vista and dot.net.
I use a windows xp and visual studio 6.0 on a virtual pc.
Tried to remove as much components as possible from the installation just using source code files.
Installation resulted in 250 mb of data.
Don't know really what to do now after the installation.
The same error occure.
Any suggestions?

The hardest part with programming is to setup the project so it compiles.