Visual Basic .NET, the next generation of the Visual Basic language, is a fast and easy way to create .NET-based applications, including XML Web services and Web applications.

Visual Basic .NET has many new and improved features that make it a powerful object-oriented programming language, including inheritance, interfaces, and overloading. Other new language features include free threading and structured exception handling. Visual Basic .NET also fully integrates the .NET Framework and the Common Language Runtime, which provide language interoperability, garbage collection, enhanced security, and improved versioning support.

The following will give you a headstart in the language :

Books :

"Upgrading Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 to Microsoft Visual Basic .NET" [ Review ]

"Learn to program with Visual Basic.NET" [ Review ]

"VBTrain.Net: Creating Computer and Web Based Training with Visual Basic .NET" [ Sample Chapter ]

Resources :

Visual Basic Language Tour

Visual Basic Language and Run-Time Reference

Visual Basic Compiler Options

Visual Basic .NET Language Specification

Introducing Visual Studio .NET

Developing with Visual Studio .NET

Samples and Walkthroughs

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