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xp, i dont see it going down for next two-three years still....
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if you don't want to spend all of your time allowing and disallowing the most rediculous of tasks, stick with XP. I still have it on an old computer, and have Win 7 on my new laptop and sometimes when I go back to XP I even prefer some of the features over Win 7. Stick with XP for sure. Avoid Vista at all costs.
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If you're spending all of your time allowing and disallowing the most r*I*diculous of tasks, then you're doing something very wrong. I use Windows 7 and it's a huge improvement over Windows XP, IMHO. I wish the place I work would get on and replace XP with 7 as the standard OS.
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stay with xp sp3 to many bugs with vista
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I stiil can't adust to use Vista. And for me, a regular user,there's nothing diferent in using XP or Vista. But Vista make some operation more complex. And Vista is not as stable as XP
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I will also prefer windows XP.Because its very easy to use and has so much options.Vista is not bad but i think its quite heavy window.And for general users its not very best.
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why is this topic still alive. None the less, might as well say Windows 7!!
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the window XP is fit for u ....because it works well for all purpose......and every one knows that Vista have many y u want to go with error......close you eyes and install windows XP....better for u and for your work also......
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I will go for XP sure.Because I think it is the most flexible OS.
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Windows XP is good.