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There are lots of different types of CPU with different abilities. Further discussion is relatively pointless without knowing what CPU you are using. I appreciate that it is more difficult for a non-native English speaker to come to terms with tech stuff with the main language being English, but this is not a difficult question: WHAT CPU ARE YOU USING? It's impossible to answer your questions with any accuracy without knowing this.
no , it isn't difficult question.
but I want to clarify my problem.
when I submitted my inquiry, I didn't talk about a problem regarding my computer,but I talked in general.
In fact, I'm a new lecturer in architecture stuff at university;I experiencing some problems and inquiries from some students; and I should ready for any enquiry.especially, I will give cache memory soon,so, I should understand all pending matters relate virtual memory. really, I hope to understand.
I sent three inquiries relate cache ,too. but unfortunately,there is no clear reply yet.