You can't deduce the size of RAM from that field alone; you need to know the processor architecture.
For example x86 used a segment/offset system before the flat 32-bit memory model where near pointers were 16 bits, but you would specify a segment address which was also 16 bit and that could extend you past the 16-bit limitation; a 16:16 scheme is good for up to 4GB. If you know there is no other memory addressing mechanism then you can deduce that the memory cannot be greater than 1K long, but that still doesn't tell you if the memory is shorter.

I don't understand your virtual/physical question though. 10 bits is just 1K, and you aren't likely to have a virtual memory scheme operating if the processor can only access 1K of RAM. But in any case a 10 bit pointer can only access 1K of memory addresses whether virtual or not.