Hello guys, i'm very new to the world of pen testing and such so I have had a read around and created my virtual setup which consists of 2 virtual boxes, 1 running windows xp professional SP3 and another running Backtrack 5.

Now I have followed a VERY informative metasploit video on securitytube were he uses an exploit called
I know it's old but need to start from the basics if im going to learn. I follow the video exactly but I made the mistake of downloading with SP3 installed therfor that exploit doesnt work.

The thing is when I go on the microsoft website and search for exploits for Windows XP Professional - SP3 it shows lots and lots of exploits, but when I search for them in metasploit using "Search MSXX-XXX" it doesnt find any!

I really want to break into my dummy computer but im having trouble finding exploits, I think I found afew exploits but I dont understand what the exploit does and what the payloads that are asscociated with that exploit do.

This is very confusing stuff for me so please try and help and explain in a very easy to understand way if possible.

This is a far as I got but it didnt create the account

Thank you so much for any help you can provide.