I am a last year electronic engineering student. I have had some programming experience but not a whole heap. I am very practical, so I learn by examples very well.

I am in a project in a company where I need to implement transcoding from one format to another. Now, so far, I am under the impression that I get the relative codecs, and use them to decode and re-encode reading from the file or stream.

As I said I haven't had much experience and I am very practical so I lean by doing and examples, so from my research so far I have not been able to understand how I use a binary library file (I am working in linux btw) and interface my code with the binary library. I believe this is where API's come in right? Am I going in the right direction? Can anyone direct me to resourses, tutorials, examples or explanations for this application? Or can you give me semi-detailed explanation of how this might be done? :confused

Thank you so much in advance. Really appreciate it.