can anyone please help me to check the below codings see got any error,why i can not show the red color if i change the name? the purpose of the below coding is to check if got any changes must be reflected in red, otherwise is black

buf=GetJobItem(tmpJobNew,1); buf.TrimRight(); if(buf.GetLength()>0) { if((tmpJobNew.wOfferMask & 0x4000) != 0) { dc.SetTextColor(RED); } else { dc.SetTextColor(BLACK); } dc.ExtTextOut(leftStart,topStart,ETO_OPAQUE,NULL, _T("Name:"), NULL); tmp=GetJobItem(tmpJobNew, 2); //tmp.TrimRight(); if (tmp.GetLength()>0) { tmp.Format(_T(" (%s)"),tmpJobNew); //buf+=_T(", "); buf=buf+tmp; } #if defined(IVD_SAPPHIRE) dc.ExtTextOut(50+leftStart,topStart,ETO_OPAQUE,NUL L,buf, NULL);#else dc.ExtTextOut(100+leftStart,topStart,ETO_OPAQUE,NU LL,buf, NULL);#endif topStart=topStart+nHeight; }