So im trying to find a good VC++ compiler, for instance .NET.

But I've choosen not to use .NET beacuse of the hardware demand and the fact that .NET Framework is required.
My current comp is older and slower. Im upgrading and my current one is perfect for my servers. But right now im using it as my regular comp. And all my .NET programs are way slow. Even if I create a blank form that does nothing its takes like 2 mins to open. Longer for for complex app. But some complex, rather larger programs that are standalone run like a breeze on this slow comp. So this got me thinking that if the .NET Framework is that much more demanding. then I would not want it for my programs.

I've been trying to learn VC++. I've been programming in VB.NET for a while. But I've always wanted to learn and just program in VC++. Its much more reliable and flexible I've seen. Plus it has more features appose to VB and others like it.

So with all that in mind, My ? is what is the best VC++ compiler that does not include .NET.

Thanx in advance