Vb6 or vb.net

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hello everyone,
I am new to this forum and i have bin thinking on starting a career in programing(not web programming for now). i want to learn a language that can stand out in years to come.

i have been gathering materials on vb6 but i fear its becoming obsolete with no back end support. besides that migrating applications in vb6 to .net is not worth the stress as not all codes can be fully migrated easily.More also the syntax has changed in .net so migrating to .net would take some time to master the new environment

my question is this. should i start with vb6 or .net.(i also plan on doing cross platform later on when my skills have become advanced.).I really need tips on the programming world in general.

would appreciate advices and tips to start off for newbies like me
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My advice is you start with VB.NET as it has lots of features more than the VB6 ... also the VB.NET IDE Visual Studio .NET 2010 or 2011 which ever you have your hands on are the best IDE's in terms of ease of development..
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As the above reply, I suggest anyone start directly to vb.net. Vb6 is an old technology and it is no longer supported by Microsoft.
The newer the best, many features has been added to vb.net which integrate cool with many applications and technologies.
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i think better to go straight for the metro apps now if you are starting off
having to convert from the tradional VB APps to metro was a mess n im already frustated, so you could save that up

or else please consider java or a similar as well