Hello Guys!!

I need help with two problems. I hope I am able to explain these well. Listed below:

1. List Box : I want to drop a particular item which shows on a list box in another label. Now I am able to do this, if the item is selected (meaning it is in blue color on the list). But my software being for non-technical users, I am afraid, it might confuse them because they might think, the item shown on the list is selected and might not click on it to make it blue(or selected), but it wont show on the label. Is there any way I can solve this, maybe make the item showing on the list selected in some way, or use a limit to list kind of combo box, if there is one? I use the list.text property to access to list item and drop in label.
2. Combo Box: I am used to working with combo in ACCESS and in that, once you start typing anything on the combo, the list starts showing same or related items on top, so you dont have to scroll down what could a very long list to find a particular item. Is there any way I can do that in VB?

I would appreciate any help or suggestions.
Thanks in advance

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