first of all,you don't say which is the trigger you want to use.
1)as user types? text1_change()
2)after user press enter? text1_keypress()...if keyascii=13....

to do what you want you must create a control array of textboxes.
how you do that?
you have already 5 textboxes from 1 to 5 right?
lets assume that the first one is called text2 and the next text3 and so on.
you go to the properties of text3 and you change (name) property to text2
then vb asks you "you have already a textbox called text2 do you want to create a control array?" you choose yes.
you do the same for all remaining textboxes.

now the names are text2(0)->1 ,text2(1)->2,text2(2)->3......

and the last thing is
1)clear all textboxes when the trigger is executed(user pressed enter for example)
2)check the value if is within the limits you set 1-5
3)place the number entered into text2(x-1).text=cstr(x) where x the number between 1-5.

try this and if you cannot do it tell me to help you again.

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