I see about ten posts a day, by the uninitiated, claiming that they have found bugs in the language. Most of them, like you, can't even explain why the unexpected behavior even seems like a bug.

You haven't explained diddly-squat, other than the fact that your use of the language has failed to provide you with a sugar-tit at the time of the day that you are most accomsted to receive one.

Would you care to expand upon that, in some sort of meaningful detail, or would you just like us to pat you on the butt and have us tell you what a good big boy you are. We are quite likely to assign the latter chore to your mama.

Most error messages telling you that you have failed to declare a variable mean exactly that. They are not being abstruse just to eff you up. Did you think of that? Inquiring minds want to know. I won't bore you with details, they can't possibly be important.