Human if value links based on PR or other things then it is of no use but if value based on traffic it can drive, it can be of immense help.

Let me try to explain this with an example for one of my article.

I have a post about Wordpress SEO -

And so Definitely I would always want to rank well in Google for my main term Wordpress SEO.

When Analyzing the competition I found that first 2 spots are by Wordpress plugins and then 2 spots are by which is yet again very popular Wordpress plugin and so it would be really foolish from me to even thinking about outranking them but then 5th result was a site and this is when I came to know about Glen (The owner of viperchill)

So I wanted to know how he is ranking so well and doing my analysis with Market Samurai (you can read about it here if you want) I found some of his backlinks and though some links were from blogroll sitewide links, the impactful links would be definitely the ones from guest post on Problogger and other natural links from smartpassiveincome / thinktraffic blogs. So to outrank that result would take some doing and so it is better to not trying that for my blog as of now but instead of focus on long tail keywords.

So if human analyzes links, it would be much better than bots.

The story is I could manage to rank in second page for that term but then impact of penguin let off for that term