Not sure whether it's relevant here but here goes...

I want to open multiple text files in a folder using Notepad, all at the same time. Using command line window

Start ->Run -> Cmd
cd C:\Test
for %X in (*.txt) do notepad %X

will enable all the files open on top of one another.

I want to create a batch file to automate this process but by doing :

for %%X in ("C:\Test\"*.txt) do notepad %%X

will only open the first file File1.txt. After closing File1.txt, then only the second file File2.txt will open and so on.

Is there a way for me to automate this process using batch file or any other programming language that'll be more suitable e.g. VB, Perl, C/C++, etc.

Need your input and suggestions as still new to programming. Thanks.