memset is done to initialize it to '\0' . strcpyDCE takes 30 s that the maximum allocated bytes to be copied is 30 only ,
Im declaring dce_sTabName as std::String dce_sTabName;
but sTabName is an char array so i thought of doing dce_sTabName = sTabName.c_str();

The other question is .. I have used auto_ptr declaration like
auto_ptr<SYS_CORRESP_STRUCT>p_str_Corresp (new SYS_CORRESP_STRUCT); which gets compiled without any issues as
auto_ptr<SYS_CORRESP_STRUCT> p_str_Corresp = new (SYS_CORRESP_STRUCT);
declaration throws an error that "SYS_CORRESP_STRUCT*' could not be converted to 'const auto_ptr<SYS_CORRESP_STRUCT> &'.