auto_ptr<SYS_CORRESP_STRUCT> p_str_Corresp = new (SYS_CORRESP_STRUCT);
declaration throws an error that
SYS_CORRESP_STRUCT*' could not be converted to 'const auto_ptr<SYS_CORRESP_STRUCT> &'.

so I declared as
auto_ptr<SYS_CORRESP_STRUCT>p_str_Corresp (new SYS_CORRESP_STRUCT); which gets compiled without any issues

Since the copying all the parameter values from JAVA to the local Structure SYS_CORRESP_STRUCT , I have used a custom strcpyDCE () function that is
void strcpyDCE(std::String, const WSSP_STD_NS::String &, int) ; where in
std::String is the o/p string and const WSSP_STD_NS::String & is the i/p string and int is the size to be copied
and im using for example as below
strcpyDCE(output->record_type.get(),input->recordType, 4);