I would like to register to 20 social bookmarking sites and to submit my bookmarks there.
I am planning to post the same content for every site or maybe I spin the content a little bit . Is it OK to register with the same user name or is it better to change my user name every time?
For example if I type someone’s user name on Google, many URLs with this user name appear . Maybe administrator of social bookmarking site will type my user name on Google and will see that I posted to many sites and will ban my account?
Is it bad for administrator of social site?
Some people say :
“Try to use the same user name and picture on every site you use. Why? This makes it easier for your readers or social networking buddies to find you.”

On the contrary, someone say, it is not so god idea to use same user name, because administrator of social bookmarking site can easily find out that you have posted any same submitting to other sites.

What do you say about this?

Thank you!