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Im not quite sure if it does have the boot loader,how would I locate that if you dont mind me asking??
If you check the screenshot on Power ISO's website, the bottom left portion just above the status bar shows if the image/disc is bootable
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Originally Posted by xpi0t0s View Post
Your DVD writing software will have a setting to make a disk bootable. If you don't know how, look through the menus, RTFM, Google it etc; it may even be that you need to use some other software if Power ISO doesn't have that ability (Nero's pretty good).

BUT...if the ISO isn't bootable then you're stuffed. An ISO is just a disk image so you will need to get a bootable ISO file or find out some way of modifying an ISO to make it bootable.

When you wrote the ISO to the disk did you write it as a file or as a disk image? To find out, pop the disk in the drive and open it with Explorer. If you see the ISO file then you wrote it as a file (wrong!), but if you see the ISO file contents then you correctly wrote it as an image. If you write a bootable disk with the ISO file then that won't work.
Thankx for the the info.....Well i burnt it as a Disk image but i guess because it doesnt have a bootable file (.bif) thats why it doesnt work,OO...Nero burns bootable disks?? what version?? and do you have to locate the boot file and add it when you are using nero?