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the orginal file is in gbs , i am attaching a similar same encrypted file please help me crack it . i have attached 2 files please extract both to get the encrypted file and the software used .

the encypted files are very important for me . it contains my personal files like past memories .

i really appreciate if u can help me out .

** one of my friend said the encryption can be cracked if u execute on one pc and then run on the another pc with another pwd it will work . i tried but no luck . my mind says the pwd could be cracked or the extension could be removed but i am not that techie to do that.

** remove oo before http in the link to get the file.
Dude cracking this file is not that easy...
As it is not a zip file...
The encryption has converted the file to a garbage file(no format,no headers)
The only way to crack this is to reverse engineer the algorithm of the encryption software and let it rip...

Thats the way possible..
And i am trying it..
But dont expect fast results..
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