I am using templates and STL (Maps and Algorithms) for the first time in our project. We haven't used any template and STL before.

When i try to compile code in Solaris i am getting follwing errors. Do I need to include any header files or anything else to resove this.

/nodeb_top/func/kos/torn/host/sun4-solaris2/bin/../lib/gcc-lib/powerpc-wrs-vxworks/gcc-2.96/../../../../include/g++-3/stl_alloc.h:533: undefined reference to `__default_alloc_template<true, 0>::_S_start_free'

The Unresloved symbol found ==>> U _$_9bad_alloc U _t23__malloc_alloc_template1i0$__malloc_alloc_oom_ handler U _t24__default_alloc_template2b1i0$_S_end_free U _t24__default_alloc_template2b1i0$_S_free_list U _t24__default_alloc_template2b1i0$_S_heap_size U _t24__default_alloc_template2b1i0$_S_start_free U _vt$9bad_alloc U _vt$9exception


Thanks in Advance,