Which post did admin delete? It wasn't this one: http://www.go4expert.com/showthread.php?t=26487

If a post was deleted then you would have been given a reason why. If not then maybe what you posted was against the posting guidelines. Certainly duplicate posting is against the guidelines and if your posts have been deleted once and you're still breaking the rules then you risk getting banned. So READ the posting guidelines NOW - they are not difficult to find; there is a link immediately under the New Thread subject line. And make sure you DO NOT break the rules again.

There is no way to know which member was set. There needs to be some record which indicates what was changed, for example
struct cell
  int type; // 0 for undefined, 1 for char, 2 for int, 3 for double
  union fun
    char c;
    int i;
    double d;

void p(struct cell *c)
and by inspecting type we can determine that it was i that was set.