problem for unclosed quotation mark before the character string '''

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Anyone cam help me? I am facing this problem when I key in the ' (apostrophe) then it occur runtime error.

This is the code
'Method name: query
'Method Description: to run select-statement and return the results
'Parameters pass in: s (SQL select-statement)
' : cursorType (cursorType for connection)
' : lockType (connection lock type)
'Parameters return: query (recordset that stores the results)

Public Function query(ByVal sql As String, _
Optional ByVal cursorType As CursorTypeEnum = adOpenForwardOnly, _
Optional ByVal lockType As LockTypeEnum = adLockReadOnly) As ADODB.Recordset

On Error GoTo errHdl
Set query = New ADODB.Recordset
With query
.CursorLocation = adUseClient
.Open sql, con, cursorType, lockType
Debug.Print Time & " sql queried" & vbNewLine & _
vbTab & sql & vbNewLine & _
vbTab & "with " & query.RecordCount & " row(s) returned"
.ActiveConnection = Nothing
End With
Exit Function

Debug.Print Time & " error query sql" & vbNewLine & _
vbTab & sql & vbNewLine & _
vbTab & Err.description
Err.Raise Err.Number, "DB.query", Err.description <------- error

End Function
Hope anyone can help me. Thanks
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In VB the apostrophe in VB stands for start of comment, use Chr(39) in place of that.