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Hi jwshepherd,

Thank you very much for providing the solution. My ASP pages are working.
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no problem. good luck
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Hi jwshepherd,

Hi its me again Ravindra. I need a suggestion and guidance from you side. See I have been trying to do a Project on ASP with MS Access as backend for the maintenance of Employee Details. This project should be available to totally 11 Users in the Team. Pleaes guide me in how should develop this project so that all the 11 users can use the same.

Please kindly suggest.

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asp and an access database should be more than enough to run for 11 people at the same time.

Here is a basic connection string for the database
Dim conn,mysql
Set conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
Conn.Open "Data Source=" & Server.Mappath("db.mdb") & ";Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;"
set RS = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.recordset")

MySQL="Select * from tblemployees;"
rs.open mysql,conn,3,3,1
response.write "<TABLE align=center><TR>"
for x = 0 to rs.fields.count -1
     response.write "<TH>" & rs.fields(x).name & "&nbsp;</TH>"

do while not rs.eof
response.write "<TR>"
for x= 0 to rs.fields.count -1
     response.write "<TD>" & rs.fields(x).value & "&nbsp;</TD>"
response.write "</TR>"

that should return a table with all of the information in the table called tblemployees
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Hi jwshepherd,

It me Ravindra again. Thank you very much for helping me out in my earlier query. I need a guidance and ur advice on the following query. I was asked to develop a web portal. The actual scenario goes like this.

We at our company have a bunch of sales teams containing of around 30-40 sales persons who once come to office go on field work every day. We need to keep track of their field destination place like where they are going to visit today and expected time of return etc.
These details will be reported by the sale people to the Sales coordinator. The sales people who are going on field visit will open the web page and enter with their user name and password and then enter the details of their field work like where they are going at what time they are going out. So this web page should be accessed by every sales person from any system in the organization.

So once they enter their details, sales coordinator should be in a position to view the details of a particular sales person at any point of time, where he went or his contact details if needed to be contacted.

Can you suggest and guide me how to proceed with the above scenario in ASP using MS-ACCESS as a database. Its a organization with some 100 employees. I should be able to put the entire database in my system which should act like a server and the web page should be accessed by all the other staff including the management only to enter the details and view some reports, with some security implementations.

Kindly guide me on this how to proceed.