I am running WinXP Sp2 on one of the pc at my office, That pc is also connected to domain (ABC).
I am having following problems on that system

1.The problem with the system is that I am unable to logon locally on that system (Logon as an Local administrator), If i will try to login as an administrator (Local Administrator) I am getting error Domain ABC(this computer) is not available, however i am not selecting my domain in Log on to box. I am simply selecting local computer i.e abc(This computer)
2. If i will try to login with domain user id (normal user id for agents), i am getting error Netlogon serivce is not running
3. If i will try to ping that system from another pc, then it's not pinging. LAN cable is properly inserted

Kindly help me in this as i can't logon to system by any means either by local administrator or by local domain user