I am having:

Windows 7
Apache 2.2.21
PHP 5.3.8

I have done everythhing from path setting to removing # for rewrite_module and many things but I am unable to start Zend Framework.
PHP is working in the browser(.php files are running).

In cmd while commands are run it says php or zf is not recognised as an internal and external command

even after I have set up the write path in system variables and in php.ini the Include_path is also set.

When i tried creating project in cmd it says "Testing note: PHP unit was not found in your include_path so no testing actions will be created for your project"

My paths are:

for locating php.exe:

for locating zf.bat:

What I have added in php.ini is:
include_path = ".;c:\php\includes;C:\Apache\htdocs\zend\libra ry"

In system variables, the path is :

I am not understanding where I am wrong, Please someone give a solution to this problem. I will reply immediately to this thread.

Thanks in Advance.