//Problem in uderstanding associativity and in the following two situations:

1. If I write in my program

int a=10;
c=++a - a++ - ++a - a++;
printf("%d",c); //output=-24

2.If I write
printf("%d",++a - a++ - ++a - a++); //output=-26

Why does it happen?

In situation 1 value is evaluated as follows:

c=++a - a++ - ++a - a++
c=11-a++ -++a-a++
c=11-11 - ++a - a++

We are evaluating it from left to right.
But Associtivity of Increment(++) and decrement (--) operator is right to left.Don't you think we should evaluate it from right to left? If not please tell me why.

I will be very thankful to you for giving its answer.