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But I am still unsatisfied with above discussion.
Can anyone tell me how to define that the blog were we commenting it is nofollow or dofollow?
Is there any trick or software or tool to get know of these dofollow and nofollow tags in blog??
You can either narrow your search down to blogs that are only "dofollow" in the first place ( I suggested one way of doing this in post #2), or you can get an extension to your web browser which will tell you whether any link is nofollow or not.
These extensions (tools) are easily found, for example a search for "nofollow firefox" or "nofollow chrome" will give you alternatives. I have an extension for Chrome, and any link that is nofollow is shown with a line through it.

I am rather surprised at your question given that in another thread you say of yourself "I am experience search engine optimizer"?

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