Hi, I'm very new, actually never even tried anything like ethical hacking and/or computer programming.

But I am very techinally inclined and know how to work my way around computers.

What I am interested in are some basic things to get me started.

I would like to learn programing (like all of it.. seriously...) and am probably going to take some classes on it. But I would like some experience before hand.
Where should I look for some resources on programming?
What languages are the best to learn and what are the ones I should learn first?

I would also like to learn about hacking. I am not actually saying this as I want to hack somebodys computer but more saying this as I want to be like those people who test security systems on company servers and such. Like the guy that periodically tries to hack into a banks security system as to check for backdoors and breach points.
So my questions are, where should I go to learn about system security and such?
Where can I find some resources on learning to do these things?
Where can I learn to make my computers as safe as possible?

I'm not saying I have any illegal or potentially illegal content on my computer but I am a very paranoid person and have for a long time wanted to learn these trades as to keep myself protected.

Thank you for any help guys. I will be searching through your vast forum here so some of these questions may be answered before I get any replys. But thank you for any help.