Hi everybody. I haven't programmed anything in about 8 years, I've read up a little bit on C and need to write a shell in C. I want to use strtok() to take an input from a user and parse it into the command and its arguments.

for example: copy <file1> <file2> will copy file 2 to file 1, del <file1> will delete a file, etc. The exit command is all I've implemented right now, but even that produces an error when executed...I'm sure I've got a problem with how I've implemented strtok().

I've tried to implement it below, but when I compile it using gcc (no errors/warnings) and try to execute it I get the following output:

com = exit
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Here is the code snippet:
char command[50]; //Command line input

char com[10]; //Primary command
char file1[20]; //File affected by command (if necessary)
char file2[20]; //2nd file affected by command (if necessary)

char *token; //Used for strtok() function


printf("o-shell>"); //user prompts for o-shell

scanf("%s", command); //command line input from user

//tokenize the command line input using strtok() function
//this produces the command as well as any command line arguments

while(token != NULL)
token = strtok(command, " ");
strcpy(com, token);

printf("com = %s\n", com);

token = strtok(NULL, " ");
strcpy(file1, token);

printf("file1 = %s\n", file1);

token = strtok(NULL, " ");
strcpy(file2, token);

printf("file2 = %s\n", file2);
When I run the program, I get a segmentation fault. Will this code run OK if there are no arguments, just a command? I'm sure the problem is with strtok() either way. thanks!

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