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Google pay per click (Adwords) allows you to target specific countries, but of course you have to pay for it. You might also write some content targeting those countries by adding the country name to your keyword phrase.You can also buy traffic from freelancers on sites like listingdock, SEOClerks etc.
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If you only need traffic from this country then its very simple using social media website like Facebook. Google+, LinkedIn. Just join your specified country groups and community and then post your website link with image and content and sharing in specific country groups.
hi .first of whats your niche of your site? after that have you done any seo for your site?
not ? if no then do it first.
if you dont know about seo then hire some one.
first of check your site in major onpage tool like quicksprout and other and remove errors.
do as good as key word planning for your website and make link building based on tier.