Landing Page is a web page that makes the visitors arrives to your site either by clicking a link or an advertisement. Landing Page can be any page on the website.
Landing Page Optimization(LPO)is a technique in internet marketing rather a part in the conversion rate optimization(CRO)that helps to drive more traffic to your site and further converting them to your customer.
Tips on Landing Page Optimization
Relevant Information-The page should have relevant information that made the users click on your link.
Expectations Mismatch-Make sure that both the title and the content of the articles donít mismatch.
Low Bounce Rate-Low Bounce Rate for your site is always good in the eye of search engines to find you.
Navigation to the right page is important-If the landing page is an advertisement about your companyís deals and offers, navigate the user to the right information page about the offer prices and deals without playing hide and sick with them.
Avoid Multilayer Navigation-Itís a good practice to avoid multilayer navigation (i.e. donít make the user navigate from Page A to page B and finally to page E where the userís information is only in Page E. Keep it simple. Only link to the Page E.)
A/B testing ĖThis testing will help you to track which part of your landing page out of the two different versions(A and B)is helping you to drive more traffic to your site.