When editing moderate amounts of text (~5000 characters) in a text box, MS Access 2007 will unpredictably crash (as tested under Windows XP with the latest service packs), This happens even if the text box is UNBOUND. In other words, I am able to reproduce it using a database with only a single form and text field, and no table binding.

I've worked with this problem for awhile and have concluded that it is a bug in the text box widget itself. The problem is unaffected by code, tables, Access settings, etc. No error message is displayed prior to the crash.

In googling the subject, I have seen sporadic reports of this by other developers and users. But, no solutions.
My users and I have having serious problems with these crashes.

If anyone has a work-around or a suggestion, I would be very grateful.

Also, does anyone know if this problem is fixed in Access 2010?