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There isn't a #define chatuser......
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Starting: BETA 103

Started at: BETA 101

Getting close to Working!
Will make work for Self Chat but no more than that until got the Higher Skill.

Also This Progect was for School set by a Teacher.
So please do not say my level is not good enoth since he set me th Task.

Other wise He Wouldnt Have!
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> Beta 103

Well, you can call it whatever you like. I could call you an idiot. But the point of language is communication of ideas, and if you use the wrong words then you will communicate the wrong ideas. By "idiot" I meant a very smart person. So you shouldn't be offended.

Self chat is dead easy. Read a string and display it, in a loop until some exit condition (what?)
for (;;)
cout << "Enter a chat string : ";
cin >> str;
// you could display it but it will already be shown as you typed it.
cout << str;
Just wrap that in a main function and determine some exit condition and that's the task completed.
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Well i read before i will Feel offended.
Also try year 9 and a after school task.

and the code you have i have being useing but with a user name called user.
It sorta works, but the loop is puting back to the begining so i have to write a user again.
that was in BETA 102.
right now i am doing BETA 103.
I plan on haveing the single chat working in the aloted time of 3-5 weeks.
Due within time to the Teacher.
PS: External Subject, i have a seprate course and have a Teacher who wants to see me make this in the alocated time.
Hard work, skilled proffesion.
Also i have Maths Assinment which is Very hard and makes this easyer.

Thanks again!