Okay i get it.
I had only called it BETA since it is Still getting Developed.
Also I found a Lotta things i needed just need to do more to Talk with Yourself.

So Far i now need to Figer out how to Repet the Same String and write something Different.

I still have a long Way to go i know.

I also know that i need to put in some counter parts for stoping it killing Your PC.

Why: Memory.
It will store all that Data and may slow your computer if you do not Reboot.

I am not even half way to makeing it Work VIA Lan/Internet.

I am up to Looping one Is compleat just need to do the other:

cout << "Trying to Starting Chat Please Wait a Few Moments..." << endl;//Saying It will Run Link "Yes".
string user = ""; //Users name for Chating!
cout << "enter Username and Press enter: ";
cin >> user;//Telling PC to Hold Username.

string chat = ""; //What you Write will be used in Chat!
cout << "Now you can Write a Message: " << endl;
cin >> chat; //Your Chat Message
getline(cin, chat); //The whole Chat message.



I am still workin on Some misstacks but they will be fixed at the Next Bug Fix Slot Time!

Do not run the Above as dose not work = Errors.