Hello as the Title Says i am Makeing Something like a Chat room.
I want to make a Place where you can Chose Friends to Talk with.
Not alike a Facebook.

<Name104>: Hey i think that is a good idea.
<Name101>: Well Thank you for your Concideration.
<Name110>: I Dont like it. But that is Just My opinion!
<Name101>: Well that is okay!

I have Started Basicly with Problems.
Told Sorta How to Do it but the Person who told me was Wrong.

#include <iostream>
#include <string> //The Chater Call and Name Asker.
using namespace std; 
int main() 

string name = ""; //Linking "name" to "name". 
cout << "Enter your User Name and Press enter: ";
cin << name;
cout << "Invite Friends (Y = Yes /N = No)" << string friendsyes = "";
cin << friends;
if Y = friendsyes; //To show From Here to:
if y = friendsyes;
if yes = friendsyes;
if Yes = friendsyes;
if YES = friendsyes; //Here that you Might do it these Ways? linking Wrong.
string friendsyes = ""
cout << "You said yes Please enter their User name: ";
cin << friendsyes; //Linking All "friendsyes" To add a User Name in!
cout << "You said No Precide to Chat";//Chat room that you are in or were in you can go back to! Still codeing/? 
cout << endl;
cout << "The Chat Beta Test 0.1 has Worked. Please make more Work Codeing" << endl << endl; //This Is for Beta Only as this Line Says. Not Started Not Finnished!
This is the Start of Beta.

10 mins to Write code.

Help Will Deaply Be Appreciated.


PS: A Great way to help a Rookiy is to Help Them understand code that you Put down.

Also to try helping Chose Codes to Fit!

Will Need Help with a Lot:
Linking Chat
Repeating Talk //You can write a Spesific code and will say Good Bye and Close Program.

system ("Pause") //Never has worked for me.

More Problems will be listed later.

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