Hi new to the forums. Been looking to find a solution for about a week now and thought I would try here to find the answer.

Have a table with fields Ball1,Ball2,Ball3,Ball4,Ball5,Ball6,BonusBall

They are all populated with random numbers between 1 to 49 and have 25 records in the table.

I am trying to create a select query that will order the winning results from some external values which a person picks... They will make there own pick of Ball1 to Ball6 and BonusBall selecting numbers between 1 to 49.

So these values are pass to the query string.

I want to order by the first results haven 7 wining numbers and then 6 down to 1 and then continue with results that did not have any numbers

Just like a lotto hehehe.... Winner at the top with 7 number and all below with combination below 7 like 6,5,4,3,2,1 and no numbers matching...

Hope you understand...